Retail Security

Retail Security

Grand Security offers professional supervision and security services in a wide range of locations

Retail security services are offered for:

• Shopping malls
• Supermarkets
• Stores
• Boutiques
• Outlets
• Etc.

Our guards are trained and experienced and follow security and safety policies and regulations. Whether you are a small local shop or part of a famous brand, we know how to strike the balance between creating a welcoming atmosphere for your customers and being able to prevent criminal behavior, theft, damage, and illegal activities. Our guards specialize in loss prevention and retail security, from dishonest staff to retail crime and random shoplifters. They offer in-depth security coverage for different types of venues, including large buildings and small retailers. We specialize in retail theft, boosting, and employee theft and know how to handle different situations. Our security officers are trained to recognize techniques such as refund buys, combination buys, and double buys. They offer business-focused retail security services for your peace of mind.

We have extensive experience in preventing fraud and fraudulent activities such as card-not-present fraud. Our officers are polite, professional, and attentive and will make sure that your employees and customers are safe. The goal is to create a safe environment and workplace and provide maximum product security. Products will be safe in your clients’ hands. Retail businesses such as stores and malls cannot prosper and thrive unless clients, employees, stock, and inventory have a secure and safe environment. Businesses face diverse risks and challenges. We help protect the security of key assets, including products, takings, and people. At Retail Security we work with customers to find working solutions for their needs and requirements. We cause minimum disruption so that employees focus on customer service. The goal is to create a better shopping environment, reduce stock losses, and improve efficiency.

Grand Security is the trading name
of Grand Services 88 Ltd


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