Events Security

Events Security

Our events team specialises in private events, fashion shows, TV and movie filming, stadiums events, and crowd control and has experience in many different environments

• Private functions
• Corporate events
• Sporting events
• Exhibitions
• VIP escorts
• Backstage security

Events security is very important, regardless of whether you have 300 partygoers or 5 high-level clients. Security is an essential part of events planning and we develop realistic strategies for companies and individuals.  Whether you need guard services for a major event, wedding, corporate event or private function we can provide you with the right security officers for your needs that are reliable and professional. We are a team of professionals with extensive experience. Our customers often call for extra help and request that guards keep out unwanted guests and prevent instances from turning violent. We help customers to control their parties and prevent property damage and theft. They can choose from different security options that are tailored to their requirements and the events themselves. We will make sure that your party, concert, or function goes without a kick. You will have peace of mind, knowing that we are there to keep control of everything for you.

Grand Security is the trading name
of Grand Services 88 Ltd


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