Door Supervision

Door Supervision

All of our staff are SIA licensed, polite, professional, well presented, helpful, and smartly dressed. For us “good manners are a must” and your clients will surely notice and appreciate it. Our door supervisors will make your customers feel comfortable at your venue because their safety will always be our priority. We understand that we are the first contact for all of your customers, and you can rest assured that they are in safe hands.

Our door supervisors are well trained in:

• Evacuation procedures
• Licensing law
• Criminal and civil law
• The use of minimal and reasonable force
• Physical intervention
• Emergency procedures and emergencies
• Crime scene preservation
• Recording incidents
• Regular and initial risk assessment

Door supervisors are responsible for the safety, comfort, and security of staff and clients in nightclubs, bars, pubs, music venues, casinos, restaurants, hotels, and other venues. Our guards are experienced in conflict management, controlling the access to venues and entrances, and dealing with the police. Our security guards defuse violent situations and have knowledge of all safety procedures and health regulations. Door supervisors work at different venues, including shows, entertainment venues, and others. They offer professional and robust security services, from security consultations and operational planning to door supervision and conflict prevention. Our supervisors are physically fit and are used to working in smoky, noisy, hot, and hostile environments. They offer flexible solutions and work during busy periods. Our supervisors are trained to make decisions quickly and offer a high level of customer service. They know how to handle difficult clients and situations and are experienced and assertive. Ultimately, the goal is to look after the safety of guests and clients inside the venue, regardless of the size, location, and other factors.

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