Dog Handlers Security

Dog Handlers Security

Dog Handlers Security Service

A security dog handler with a trained security dog makes for one of the most effective deterrents against intruders and vandals

People who intend to attempt theft, enter or damage your property will think twice knowing the possibility of coming up against a trained dog.

Our security dogs are under constant control by the dog handler at all times. Their function is to use their heightened senses to see, sense, or hear intruders or hidden dangers and alert the handler.

By showing aggression and standing ground, the dog protects the dog handler and the premises at the same time. It has been said that a trained security dog with an experienced handler can be as effective as five security guards - and is more effective for sure!

Professional dog handlers are experienced, great with people, and detail oriented. They have extensive experience with hostile environments and problem condominiums. Dog handlers maintain a secure and safe environment for homeowners and customers. They monitor and patrol premises to prevent damage and loss. The main responsibilities are locating, patrolling, and recognizing signals that there may be a thief or intruder in close proximity to the premises. Dogs and dog handlers are thought how to deal with intruders and protect homeowners. Intruders are escorted to designated areas.

Our dog handlers have taken a course to obtain their license and certification. They are knowledgeable, responsible, and professional. They take courses in training techniques, officer safety, liability concerns, testing and report writing, group training with dogs, and more. Many handlers join dog clubs and volunteer for different organizations to get hands-on experience. They specialize in security and site management and help organizers, businesses, and homeowners to maintain a safe environment for children, family members, and partners. They have the skills and knowledge to protect your property and integrity.

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