Close Protection

Close Protection

Our events team specialises in crowd management and stewarding and works in many different environments such as:

• Private functions
• Corporate events
• Sporting events
• Exhibitions
• VIP escorts
• Backstage security

Our protection officers and security guards protect important, wealthy, and public figures against threats, harassment, homicide, kidnapping, assault, and theft. The goal is to eliminate potential threats and avoid threatening situations. The role of security depends on various factors, i.e. whether you need an ancillary unit, a close-protection officer, or a driver bodyguard, also depends on factors such as venue and the level of risk involved. For example, if a client is at risk of assault, the focus is on watching for signs of violence and potential shooters, checking cars, monitoring, etc. When escorting celebrities and VIP customers, we will block aggressive journalists and cameramen and will request that photographers and other persons maintain their distance. To this, we work closely with customers to reduce the risk of violent outbursts and other dangerous and illegal activities. We follow risk and threat assessment procedures and have extensive experience in incident management. Our team specialises in venue security, VIP escorts, close protection journey management and route protection, close protection teamwork, operational planning, and more. Our team leaders assign and plan responsibilities and check for potential problems in advance. They are professional, experienced, and trained in first aid, tactical driving, and unarmed combat. To protect customers, our guards meet staff, identify any security weaknesses, locate the entrances and exits, and examine the venues and premises before customers and guests arrive.

close protection
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